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02 Feb 1998
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28 Jul 1998
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One Youth Worker
One Youth Worker
Amount: £1,200
Recipient: PHAB - Surrey
District: Guildford District
Sponsored Bike Ride
Sponsored Bike Ride
Amount: £100
District: Sevenoaks District
Grant awarded to REMAP G.B. (North East)
Towards the cost of a Regional Organiser to support the existing local panels (13), establish two new ones in Darlington and Leeds and to continue providing a free technical service for disabled people who need assistance with mobility aids that are not available commercially.
Amount: £19,500
Recipient: REMAP G.B.
Grant awarded to Friends for Young Deaf People (North East)
Towards the running of the North East embassy of young deaf volunteers.
Amount: £15,000
For Computers
For Computers
Amount: £6,000
District: Arun District