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09 Jan 2006
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21 Dec 2006
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Summer playscheme for children with disabilities
Towards summer playscheme for children with severe learning disabilities and additional behavioural, physical or sensory problems in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
Amount: £1,000
Recipient: Kangaroos
District: Lewes District
Activities for disabled children in Kent
Towards activities for disabled children in Kent.
Amount: £1,000
Recipient: Pegasus Playscheme
District: Dover District
Frant Nursery School will be able to create an outdoor play area with help from a Lottery award. The group will fence off part of the car park to create a safe area for the children to play on bikes and trikes and learn about the outdoor environment.
Amount: £746
District: Wealden District
Sing and Learn
With help from a Lottery grant, Crowborough Choral Society will run a half day singing voice workshop for all on Saturday 4th March, led by a voice coach from English National Opera. Anyone who may not sing regularly but who would like to try choral singing will be encouraged to attend and the project will lead to two public performances with children from three local primary schools.
Amount: £825
District: Wealden District
Costume conservation & storage equipment
This museum has been given some Victorian costumes and will use them as part of its future displays. An Awards for All grant will be used to restore and conserve this clothing and kit out the museums storage facilities which at the moment are inadequate for the storage and maintenance of artefacts. A conservator from Brighton will also train volunteers to improve their conservation awareness and skills.
Amount: £1,000
District: Crawley District
Induction Loop System for the Hall
Nutley War Memorial Trust run a village hall. With help from a Lottery grant the trust will install an induction amplifier loop system and radio microphone in the hall. This will help to make the hall and the many activities held in the hall more accessible for people with hearing difficulties.
Amount: £1,025
District: Wealden District
With help from a Lottery grant, the Cherries Pre-School will develop a working garden and outside play area for children. The necessary permission is held from the village hall committee and the garden will also benefit other users of the facility.
After school gymnastics
With help from a Lottery grant Itchingfield Primary School will buy equipment to set up an extra-curricular gymnastics club. As part of the project links will be developed with Broadbridge Heath Gymnastics Club and club coaches will provide regular visits to the club to encourage children to feed through into higher level opportunities.
Amount: £1,180
District: Horsham District
Audio & presentation equipment
With help from a Lottery grant this U3A will buy audio and presentation equipment. The branch's existing sound system is old and does not meet current safety standards and a radio microphone and epidiascope will mean that members will be able to show printed materials and illustrate talks.
Amount: £1,285
Recipient: Maidstone U3A
District: Medway
Replacement Equipment
With help from a Lottery grant Kingsdown Pre-School will buy large play equipment and safety matting to replace items that have been recognised as unsuitable for use with children by the Pre-School Learning Alliance. The new equipment will provide the children with bright, stimulating equipment that will encourage them to develop their physical, creative and social skills. The room dividers will also mean that the pre-school can create a quieter area for the book corner.
Amount: £1,964
District: Dover District
Travel to Veterans Festival
With a Lottery award veterans of the Suez Crisis and their families will be able to visit the National Memorial Gardens in Stafford and attend a service of thanksgiving to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Suez Crisis. Travel to the war graves in Egypt is no longer an option for elderly veterans and the National Remembrance Service will give members the opportunity to pay their respects to family members who lost their lives during the war.
Heritage Plaques and Heritage Trail Leaflets
The Crawley Arts Council aims to improve knowledge of its local heritage and with help from a Lottery grant will add a further six blue plaques, to those already on display, on local buildings marking people and places of historical and cultural significance. The additional plaques will create a critical mass of plaques to justify the production of a heritage trail leaflet, which will allow local residents and visitors to learn more about the town.
Amount: £2,000
District: Crawley District
Refurbishment to community facility
This village hall was built in 1901 and has been used by the community ever since. The building now needs refurbishment and a Lottery grant will contribute towards this work, including installation of access and toilets for the disabled, new kitchen and fire escape.
Amount: £2,000
District: Maidstone District
New tables and chairs
With help from a Lottery grant 1st Windmill Hill Scout Group will buy new tables and chairs. This will not only benefit the scout and guide groups that use the hall but will also mean that local community groups will be able to use the hall for meetings and social events.
Amount: £2,157
District: Gravesham District
Fencing and Outdoor Play Equipment
St Mary's Pre School will be able to buy more play equipment with help from a Lottery award. This will include larger construction toys such as train tracks and lego bricks as well as outdoor play equipment. It will also upgrade the fencing to make sure that the children can play outside safely.
Amount: £2,295
Improving Physical & Mental Condition
Friends Like Us is a friendship and support group for people in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. With help from a Lottery award it will be able to offer more activities including curling, short mat bowls, seated exercise and guest speakers as well as taster sessions in alternative therapies. It will also be able to hire a minibus that is wheelchair accessible to take members to the meetings and on outings to places of interest.
Amount: £2,301
Recipient: Friends Like Us
District: Horsham District
Girls squad
Broadbridge Heath Football Club will be able to develop a new girls section with help from a Lottery grant. A grant will pay for equipment, kit and coaching costs and give girls the opportunity to take part in a regular team sport. Youth team members will also have the opportunity to take part in coach education courses to gain FA Level 1 and 2 coaching awards that will make sure that the club can benefit from fully qualified coaches in the future.
Amount: £2,400
District: Horsham District
Health and safety works
Woking Sea Rangers trains girls and young women in boating and outdoor activities such as rowing, canoeing, windsurfing, water-skiing, narrow boating. The group will make improvements to the narrow boat to make sure that it meets new health and safety regulations. The narrow boat can then be used to expand the group's activities and help the girls learn narrow boating skills, self reliance, leadership skills, team building and increase their awareness of the environment.
Amount: £2,437
Recipient: Woking Sea Rangers
District: Runnymede District
New Equipment
1st Cliffe Woods Guides will be able to take more girls on camping trips with help from a Lottery award. A grant will pay for additional camping equipment and a trailer to transport and store all the equipment securely and safely. This will mean that more girls including older members of the Brownie group will be able to take part in the trips and develop camp craft and team working skills.
Amount: £2,469
District: Medway
French Project
Ringmer Community College will expand its after school languages master class to include students from the local primary schools. The college will provide transport to and from local primary schools in rural areas. The college will also run a programme of twilight activities which will be open to all members of the community as well as provide training for primary school teachers to show them how to run their own after school language groups.
Amount: £2,650
District: Lewes District