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10 Jan 2007
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20 Dec 2007
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Summer playscheme for children
Towards a summer playscheme for children with severe learning disabilities in West Sussex.
Amount: £1,000
Recipient: Kangaroos
District: Lewes District
Towards an integrated summer playscheme
Towards an integrated summer playscheme for children with mixed abilities in Kent.
Amount: £1,000
Recipient: Pegasus Playscheme
District: Dover District
Shortfall in Project Worker's salary
Towards the shortfall in the Project Worker's salary.
Amount: £5,449
District: Dover District
Employing a part-time caseworker
Towards employing a part-time caseworker for one year in Brighton.
Amount: £15,357
Towards a summer playscheme for children
Towards a summer playscheme for children with mixed abilities from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Amount: £500
District: Lewes District
Gain skills in construction
Towards helping young, unemployed, single parents gain new skills in construction to help build their own homes.
Amount: £4,500
District: Swale District
Towards funding part of salary
Towards funding part of the information officer's salary.
Amount: £45,000
District: Maidstone District
Towards the core costs
Towards the core costs of providing support and activities for people affected by mental health and/or associated learning difficulties.
Amount: £2,500
Blackboys village hall - renaissance
A local hall in the isolated village of Uckfield, East Sussex, will be refurbished for the enjoyment of a wide range of community groups including Scouts, a pre-school playgroup, the historical society and the Parish council.
Amount: £12,000
District: Wealden District
Employment of Co-ordinator
Volunteers including retirees, people with disabilities, former offenders and the unemployed will be recruited and managed for the Amberley Chalk Pits Museum. Volunteers will be given the chance to practice skills in their existing or past trades and learn a new craft.
Amount: £36,808
District: Horsham District
CHIPS Guildford - Children's Holiday Playschemes
A school holiday play scheme for children aged four to 11 will provide youngsters with activities including arts and crafts, sports, dance, drama, music and creative pastimes such as jewellery making and landscaping using papier-mâché. The scheme will operate from local schools in deprived area and will provide children with the chance to socialise, develop social and problem solving skills and raise self-confidence.
Amount: £136,744
Recipient: Chips Guildford
District: Guildford District
Supporting survivors of sexual crime in the South East
Survivors of sexual abuse in the South East and in London will receive help and therapy through schemes that will provide bespoke counselling will be provided to groups including young people, parents, men, Asian women and black women.
Amount: £566,712
Recipient: Family Matters
District: Gravesham District
Lego Robotics Challenge
This school will establish an extra-curricular Lego Mindstorms club to enhance the technology and ICT skills of the children.
Amount: £400
District: Medway
Monthly Meetings
The Community Group will use an award to secure premises to hold monthly meetings for local residents.
Amount: £176
Purchase of Bowling Carpet and Ancilliary Equipment
This club will purchase a new bowls carpet and ancillary equipment to update and improve their facilities.
Amount: £936
Resources Box
This childminding group will purchase multicultural and disability aids aimed at stimulating children's play.
Amount: £1,350
District: Hastings District
Pilgrimage To Thiepral and Vimy Ridge
This branch of the Royal British Legion will take a day trip to two war grave sites in France and attend an official wreath laying service in Theipval.
Updating of Presentation Equipment
This group will update equipment to allow the presentation of videos/DVD's.
Publication of Local Historical Booklets & Meeting
This society will collate local historical matters in order to produce a booklet, which will be available to the local community.
Amount: £2,450
District: Dover District
The Yoga Club
This new club will purchase equipment required to run a yoga club in the local village hall.
Amount: £2,758
Recipient: The Yoga Club
District: Dover District