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Data used in GrantNav

The data used by GrantNav is open data. GrantNav contains:

Data published to the 360Giving Standard is taken from an up to date list on the 360Giving website. The 360Giving Datasets Used table below lists the specific datasets used in GrantNav, how they are licensed, and when they were retrieved.

We use the Code-Point Open data to augment some of the location data. We use the Charity Commission data to look up charity names. Both these datasets are licensed under an Open Government License, see Copyright and Attribution below for full details.

Updates to data in GrantNav

We update GrantNav on a monthly basis.

In order for data to be included in any updates of GrantNav, the dataset needs to be:

If the dataset meets these three criteria then it will be loaded into GrantNav. We do this by downloading all data listed on the 360Giving Data Registry on the first working day of the month. We then check this updated information is loaded correctly, with the aim of releasing the new version of GrantNav on the tenth working day of each month.

To ensure that any updated or new data is included in GrantNav, please publish your data online and ensure it is listed on the 360Giving Data Registry by the last working day of the month.

This update cycle is not affected by any requests to remove data listings from the Registry, or data from GrantNav. This process is separate and is detailed in the Take Down Policy.

When GrantNav is updated, the data included may change. There are several reasons for this:

In all these cases, 360Giving will work closely with the relevant organisations to get their data uploaded into GrantNav.

Reporting a problem with data

If you see a problem any data on this site, please report it directly to the relevant organisation. To find out how to contact them, see the "Where is this data from?" section at the bottom of each grant page.

360Giving datasets used

Dataset (download link) Publisher (page on GrantNav) Retrieved for use in GrantNav License Funders covered
Grants awarded 2012 to 2016 Barrow Cadbury Trust 2017-05-09T10:15:50+00:00 Barrow Cadbury Trust
BBC Children in Need grants BBC Children in Need 2017-05-09T10:15:51+00:00 BBC Children in Need
Big Lottery Fund - grants 2004 - 2015 (100MB+) Big Lottery Fund 2017-05-09T10:15:55+00:00 The Big Lottery Fund
Blagrave Trust grants awarded in 2016 Blagrave Trust 2017-05-09T11:30:20+00:00 The Blagrave Trust
City Bridge Trust grant awards September 2013 to May 2016 City Bridge Trust 2017-05-09T11:31:12+00:00 City Bridge Trust
Comic Relief International grants awarded data 01/01/2015 to 15/12/2016 Comic Relief 2017-05-09T11:31:14+00:00 Comic Relief
Comic Relief UK grants awarded data 01/01/2015 to 25/01/2017 Comic Relief 2017-05-09T11:31:15+00:00 Comic Relief
Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland grants awardeddata 2015-2016 Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland 2017-05-09T11:31:17+00:00 Community Foundation serving Tyne & Wear and Northumberland
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation grants 2008 - 2015 Esmee Fairbairn Foundation 2017-05-09T11:31:20+00:00 Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Gatsby Charitable Foundation grants Gatsby Charitable Foundation 2017-05-09T11:31:30+00:00 Gatsby Charitable Foundation
Reactive Grants Greenham Common Trust 2017-05-09T11:31:30+00:00 Greenham Common Trust
Indigo Trust Indigo Trust 2017-05-09T11:31:31+00:00 Indigo Trust
Grants awarded in 2014/15 LandAid Charitable Trust 2017-05-09T11:31:39+00:00 LandAid Charitable Trust
Grants awarded in 2015/16 LandAid Charitable Trust 2017-05-09T11:31:39+00:00 LandAid Charitable Trust
Grants awarded in 2013/14 LandAid Charitable Trust 2017-05-09T11:31:39+00:00 LandAid Charitable Trust
Lloyd's Register Foundation grants at end March 2017 Lloyd's Register Foundation 2017-05-09T11:31:40+00:00 Lloyd's Register Foundation
Grant Making Data 2010 - 2016 Lloyds Bank Foundation 2017-05-09T11:31:41+00:00 Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales
Macc grants Macc 2017-05-09T11:31:56+00:00 Macc
Nesta grants awarded from 2011 to January 2017 Nesta 2017-05-09T11:31:57+00:00 Nesta
Northern Rock Foundation Northern Rock Foundation 2017-05-09T11:31:59+00:00 Northern Rock Foundation
Grants awarded FY 2013-14 Oxfordshire Community Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:13+00:00 Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Grants awarded FY 2015-16 Oxfordshire Community Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:14+00:00 Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Grants awarded FY 2014-15 Oxfordshire Community Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:15+00:00 Oxfordshire Community Foundation
UK grants to organisations awarded since July 2015 Paul Hamlyn Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:16+00:00 Paul Hamlyn Foundation
UK grants to organisations under the previous strategy (before July 2015) Paul Hamlyn Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:17+00:00 Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Quixote Foundation Final Grants List March2017 Quixote Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:23+00:00 Quixote Foundation
Staples Trust 360 grants Staples Trust 2017-05-09T11:32:25+00:00 Staples Trust
Tedworth Charitable Trust grants Tedworth Charitable Trust 2017-05-09T11:32:26+00:00 Tedworth Charitable Trust
Grants awarded from 2013 to 2016 The David & Elaine Potter Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:28+00:00 The David & Elaine Potter Foundation
The Dulverton Trust - grants 2005 - 2016 The Dulverton Trust 2017-05-09T11:32:28+00:00 The Dulverton Trust
The Wolfson Foundation Grants 2015 Excel The Wolfson Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:35+00:00 Wolfson Foundation
The Wolfson Foundation Grants 2014 Excel The Wolfson Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:36+00:00 Wolfson Foundation
Three Guineas Trust grants Three Guineas Trust 2017-05-09T11:32:38+00:00 Three Guineas Trust
Grants 2011 - 2014 Trafford Council 2017-05-09T11:32:40+00:00 Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council
True Colours Trust grants True Colours Trust 2017-05-09T11:32:42+00:00 True Colours Trust
Tudor Trust grants awarded April 2016 to March 2017 Tudor Trust 2017-05-09T11:32:45+00:00 The Tudor Trust
Tudor grants data April 2013 to March 2016 Tudor Trust 2017-05-09T11:32:46+00:00 The Tudor Trust
Virgin Money Foundation grants awarded 2015-2016 Virgin Money Foundation 2017-05-09T11:32:50+00:00 Virgin Money Foundation
Zing grants Zing 2017-05-09T11:32:51+00:00 ZING

Reusing GrantNav data

The data included in GrantNav is made openly available for anyone to access and reuse.

All the data has been published under compatible open licenses. The data can be reused for any purposes under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license (CC-BY-SA). This means it can be reused for any purpose provided that it is attributed, and any derived works are released under the same license.

To reuse data from GrantNav, you must:

Attributing GrantNav

Contains data from GrantNav a 360Giving application released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license (CC-BY-SA)

The data on this website can be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license (CC-BY-SA), see Reusing GrantNav data above for an attribution statement. The original datasets also have their own copyright and attribution statements: