Improving Data Analysis, Collection and Storage (360G-CR-4926609)

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PROBLEM 1 Helpline and Counselling service user information is collected (over 70 indicators) e.g demographic information (age, location, immigration status, ethnicity, gender, disability, language spoken etc) as well as other important information such issues, time spent, method of contact (email, text or phone, webchat etc) and outcomes, safeguarding level etc. Currently the data is downloaded annually and is a lengthy process with each sub category of information downloaded separately. Data also needs to be cleaned e.g adding missing information. This data is then compiled into excel sheets and given to an external consultant to evaluate and identify trends and gaps etc. However, there are problems with this approach: 1) As downloading data is time consuming, it is only done annually. 2) As data analysis is done retrospectively, trends and gaps are identified a year later and services adapted accordingly To address this will want to upgrade systems to include 3 dashboards that display database information for helpline, counselling & DV App service users instantly as line / bar / graphs / piechart to allow real time analysis according to dates chosen. PROBLEM 2 The is currently no shared central system for storing important and confidential documents / notes (not directly related to service users) which means we rely on staff handing over when they leave, which includes: 1) HR documents e.g. helpline staff / counsellors appraisal / supervision notes, contracts, minutes of internal meetings, sickness, rotas, annual leave, references, DBS documents, training and other performance indicators 2) Meetings notes with relevant partners stakeholders in domestic abuse sector 3) Tasks /progress lists e.g. helpline promotion e.g. contacting police, health bodies and third sector organisations ? particularly targeting under represented groups e.g. Muslim LGBT, new migrant women. To address this we want to create a new secure and confidential document portal which includes hosting and back ups.

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Amount Awarded 84000
Award Date 2021-09-08T00:00:00+00:00
Beneficiary Location: Country Code GB
Beneficiary Location: Geographic Code K02000001
Beneficiary Location: Geographic Code Type CTRY
Beneficiary Location: Name United Kingdom
Grant Programme: Title Ministry of Justice
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Planned Dates: Duration (months) 6
Planned Dates: End Date 2022-03-25T00:00:00+00:00
Recipient Org: Charity Number 1155092.0
Recipient Org: Location: Geographic Code E08000025
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Recipient Org: Location: Geographic Code E92000001
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