Grant to Paul Hamlyn Foundation (360G-EFF-20-2093)


Towards delegated grant-making for an extension of the Act for Change Fund, to support organisations as they adapt their programmes in light of COVID-19

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Grant Details

Amount Awarded 311153.0
Award Date 2020-12-15T00:00:00.000Z
Classifications: Title BME,Care leavers,Children,LGBTQ,Physical disabilities or sensory impairments,Refugees & Migrants,Women,Mental health needs
Classifications: Title Beneficiary / Young people (16-25)
Classifications: Title Children and Young People
Classifications: Title Funding priority / Empowering young leaders
Classifications: Title organisational development,educational inequality,employment, education and training (NEETS),access to justice,criminal justice,human rights,mental health and wellbeing,sector infrastructure,COVID-19
Grant Programme: Title Main Grant
Last Modified 2023-06-22T14:51:58.000Z
Planned Dates: Duration (months) 12
Recipient Org: Charity Number 1102927
Recipient Org: Postal Code WC1X 9HY
Recipient Org: Web Address