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Characterisation and functional analysis of Hesx1-interacting proteins in mouse and human. (360G-Wellcome-078432_Z_05_Z)

Hesx1 is a conserved member of the paired-like class of homeobox genes, which is expressed in the rostral region of the developing vertebrate embryo, but isabsent in non-vertebrate species. Hesx1-deficient mice show defects in the forebrain and pituitary gland, and HESX1 mutations are associated with congenital hypopituitarism and septo-optic dysplasia (SOD) in humans. Therefore, it is now established that Hesx1/HESX1 is a critical developmental gene in both mouse and humans. However, little is known about the functions ofHesx1 at a molecular level, i.e., about its regulators, target genes and interacting proteins. To gain further knowledge on the molecular basis of forebrain and pituitary development in mouse and gain insights into the mechanisms underlying congenital hypopituitarism and SOD in humans, we have recently carried out a yeast two-hybrid screen, identified five Hesx1-interacting proteins and partially characterised these interactions. Themain goal of this study is to carry out a detailed characterisation of these interactions with the primary objective of understanding better how Hesx1


20 Oct 2005

Grant details
Amount Awarded 235911
Applicant Surname Martinez-Barbera
Approval Committee Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Funding Committee
Award Date 2005-10-20T00:00:00+00:00
Financial Year 2005/06
Grant Programme: Title Project Grant
Internal ID 078432/Z/05/Z
Lead Applicant Prof Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera
Other Applicant(s) Prof Mehul Dattani
Planned Dates: End Date 2009-09-30T00:00:00+00:00
Planned Dates: Start Date 2006-01-01T00:00:00+00:00
Recipient Org: Country United Kingdom
Region Greater London
Sponsor(s) Prof Andrew Copp
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