Evolution, Eugenics and Christian Mission; charitable healthcare in transition: London and New York, 1865 - 1940. (360G-Wellcome-083319_Z_07_Z)


I propose to research three Christian mission agencies active in urban settings in order to analyse the impact of eugenics upon their practical medical work. To enable a national comparative study I have selected the London City Mission, the New York City Mission and the Salvation Army, active in both cities. To place these groups in their appropriate context I will also study the eugenics societies in Britain and the United States, specifically looking for the presence of religious ideas and imagery within their work. Key goals include: " Providing new understanding of the social and religious context in which eugenics developed. " Understanding of popular perceptions regarding the impact of industrial, urban environments upon the health of society and the manner in which such fears were addressed. " Uncovering new sources to study ethical debates contemporary with the development of genetics and biomedical science. " Construction of a comparative framework through which to study the emergence of eugenics in Britain and America, considering the close connections between reformers in these two nations yet also the local settings peculiar to each. " Development of a strong basis from which to assess current ethical debates regarding biomedical science and genetics.

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