Imagining and Practicing Imperial and Colonial Medicine, 1870-1960 conference to be held at St Antony's College, Oxford, on 10-12 January 2008. (360G-Wellcome-083939_Z_07_Z)


A conference considering the study of imperial and colonial medicine in general has been noticeably absent over the past several years, while the study of imperial and colonial medicine has received grater attention from both experienced and younger scholars alike. There have been gatherings considering specific locations, such as the successful and important History of Medicine in South East Asia Conference (HOMSEA), now in its second year; however, as more research reveals networks and linkages between diverse people, places and ways of knowing disease, health and hygiene, ideas of what constitutes our current understandings of imperial and colonial medicine are coming under greater scrutiny. The development of imperial and colonial medicine from a transnational perspective is one particular area that has been neglected, and will be explored further at this conference. Overall, the conference wishes to place in dialogue topics and contexts that are commonly separated.

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