Jeevan Shakti Mela - Funfair for lifeforce (360G-Wellcome-209722_Z_17_Z)


Type 2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is often not well understood among marginalized populations, but its prevalence is increasing, particularly in low-income countries. We will address this challenge in rural plains Nepal, enabling female Maithil artists from the Janakpur Women’s Development Centre (JWDC) to engage with communities about T2DM through research, drama, and a funfair. First, a research skills workshop will bring JWDC artists and researchers together to plan and implement discussions with community members, people with diabetes, healthworkers, and pharmacists about local understandings and effects of T2DM. Building on these discussions, JWDC and independent artists will work together during three workshops to produce traditional Maithil paintings, props, interactive displays, and games for a funfair. The fair will run for 2 days in a large public park, with one ‘women and children only’ day to enable culturally acceptable participation. JWDC artists will develop and perform a drama at the fair and in 15 marginalised communities. A local and a national advisory committee will advise on content, quality, and reach of our activities at quarterly meetings. Through this engagement process, we hope to increase knowledge, understanding, and motivation to prevent diabetes among both JWDC artists and community members.

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Financial Year 2017/18
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