Technologies of Health c. 1450-1750 (360G-Wellcome-209835_Z_17_Z)


This project investigates the production, use and impact of everyday health technologies in Britain and the global world c. 1450-1750. It explores a wide range of objects from Issac Newton's drawing of an ear trumpet to birthing chairs to patient records. Using a series of detailed case studies, it seeks to understand how technologies crucially influenced past sickness experiences, medical encounters and healthcare provisions and contemporary attitudes towards materials, skills and tools. The focus on the quotidian and, particularly, on how users adopted and modified technologies, will offer a view of medicine from the ground up, highlighting the dynamic relationship between patient and practitioner, user and maker and expert and lay. In doing so, it will revise existing narratives of early modern medical practice, answering calls to foster closer connections between histories of science, medicine and technology. Recognising the importance of colonial and commercial forces, it will also interrogate the relationship between expanding empires and ‘local’ ideas about health and the body. It will produce two main outputs - a monograph titled 'Technologies of Health in Early Modern Britain' and an edited volume of essays accompanied by a project website with a blog and a virtual exhibition of 'object studies'.

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