Plasmodium vivax Volunteer Infection Studies in Thailand (360G-Wellcome-212336_A_18_Z)


Vivax malaria remains a major global health problem. Because of the existence of a hypnozoite stage and the clinical relapses this causes, elimination strategies are more difficult to design and implement successfully than for falciparum malaria. Vaccines and new well-tolerated anti-relapse drugs are badly needed. To accelerate vaccine development, we will develop and assess the feasibility of conducting Plasmodium vivax volunteer infection studies in Thailand, recruiting semi-immune volunteers from endemic areas representative of target populations for vaccine deployment. We will draw on the participating institutions' expertise in clinical malaria, immunology, entomology, parasitology, volunteer infection studies, and vaccine development. We plan to develop vivax controlled human vivax malaria infection models able to test protective efficacy of the pre-erythocytic and blood stage vivax malaria vaccines currently in development. During this programme we plan to conduct six volunteer infection studies, determine immunological correlates of protection, and test four vaccine candidates. The programme will lay the groundwork for developing models to test future transmission blocking vaccines and new anti-relapse drugs for radical cure. The volunteer infection studies will be accompanied by a programme of social science and empirical ethics research to assess their acceptability and the understanding of volunteers, patients, researchers and policy-makers.

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