The Future of Maternity Care: challenges and opportunities to achieve person-centred care in the NHS (360G-Wellcome-213257_Z_18_Z)


I propose to review up-to-date research and evidence regarding new developments in technology and health education that aim to improve maternity care in the UK, particularly through improving women’s access to information, services, and their own medical records. Parliamentarians will require a balanced and concise summary of the evidence behind these new technologies and a sense of how they will be received by the public and health professionals. Key goals: Assess the work that has come out of the National Maternity Review, particularly advances in e-health and mobile technology such as the Digital Maternity Toolset being developed by NHS Digital Look more generally at the opportunities for health education in maternal health Explore the possibility of learning from policy innovations in other health systems Engage with a range of stakeholders over the course of the project to assess how policy recommendations will be received and identify potential areas for improvement

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