M10 - Agri-environment- Climate Exchq (360G-cabinetoffice-G2-GA-202110519938-20-21)

This measure is the primary Agri-environment-climate funding for England in delivering the Rural Development programme environmental land management priorities and builds on the agri-environment Countryside Stewardship and Environmental Stewardship schemes offered under the previous RD programme. The measure funds activities intended to deliver environmental land management priorities contributing to Englands Biodiversity 2020 goals and legal obligations under the Habitats, Birds and Water Framework Directives and soil commitments made in the Natural Environment White Paper and increase resilience of wildlife, habitats and ecosystems to climate change. Funding is paid according to the payment rate for each option included in the individual agreement, and the area/length/number of the commitment selected and is based on income foregone and additional costs. Agreements can be 5 year multi annual commitments with the option of annual extensions for a further two years. 10 year commitments or longer will be offered in cases where an exception is clearly justified. RPA administers for measures in England.

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Grant Details

Allocation Method General grants - Competed
Amount Awarded 715
Award Date 2020-04-01
Award type Organisation
From An Open Call? Yes
Grant Programme: Code G2-SCH-2021-09-8632
Grant Programme: Title M10 - Agri-environment- Climate Exchq
Last Modified 2022-02-23T00:00:00Z
Number of recipients 1
Recipient Org: Company Number 00602279
Recipient Org: Country United Kingdom
Recipient Org: Postal Code WR66DD
Recipient Org: Street Address ABBERLEY HALL WORCESTER