Coronavirus Community Support Fund (360G-cabinetoffice-G2-GA-202201768644-20-21)

Recipient Organization

"The fund aims to:1) To reduce closures of essential charities that provide essential services to vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring they have the financial resources to operate, thereby reducing the burden on public services.2) To ensure essential services are provided to vulnerable people, both in the short and long term through increased community support through the work of charitable organisations."

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Grant Details

Allocation Method General grants - Competed
Amount Awarded 1040
Award Date 2020-10-07
Award type Organisation
From An Open Call? Yes
Grant Programme: Code G2-SCH-2022-01-11105
Grant Programme: Title Coronavirus Community Support Fund
Last Modified 2022-01-24T00:00:00Z
Number of recipients 1
Recipient Org: City BURNLEY
Recipient Org: Company Number 10721117
Recipient Org: Country United Kingdom
Recipient Org: Postal Code BB112BD
simple_grant_type Direct grant