Autistic Inpatient Mental Health Casework Service (360G-cabinetoffice-G2-GA-202211826578-21-22)

Current outcomes from the first six months include:100% of service users surveyed felt they were listened to and that they knew more about their loved ones entitlements.94% of service users surveyed felt better ableto choose and make informed decisions about their loved ones care and wellbeing.81%of service users surveyedwere more confident in discussing their loved one's rights with professionals felt they had information they could act on.In addition, all urgent queries were responded to within three days, and mostwithin 24 hours.Two cases of admission avoidances(one confirmed and one pending) -that we are aware of.Six discharges (four confirmed and two pending) -that we are aware of.Two cases of preventing theremoval of an Autism diagnosis -that we are aware of.

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