Senior mental health lead training grants (360G-cabinetoffice-G2-GA-202301940287-21-22)


The Department for Education (DfE) is offering a grant of £1,200 for eligible state-funded schools and colleges in England to train a senior mental health lead to develop and implement a whole school or college approach to mental health and wellbeing. This training is not compulsory, but it is part of the governments commitment to offer this training to all eligible schools and colleges by 2025.

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Grant Details

Allocation Method General grants - Un-competed
Amount Awarded 1200
Authority Act Education Act 2002
Award Date 2021-04-01T00:00:00+00:00
Award type Organisation
From An Open Call? No
Grant Programme: Code G2-SCH-2022-08-11624
Grant Programme: Title Senior mental health lead training grants
Last Modified 2023-03-13T00:00:00Z
Managed by: Organisation Name Education and Skills Funding Agency
Number of recipients 1
Recipient Org: City York
Recipient Org: Country United Kingdom
Recipient Org: Postal Code YO23PR
Recipient Org: Street Address ASKHAM BRYAN