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The Bromley Trust has been referred to using several different names in the 360Giving data.

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As Funder

The Bromley Trust appears in the 360Giving data as a funder of grants. Here is an overview of the grants they have funded.


Total Grants
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01 May 2017
Latest Award
03 Jul 2023
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This data is provided for information purposes only. Please refer to the funder website for details of current grant programmes, application guidelines and eligibility criteria.

This table shows the recipients who have received grants made by The Bromley Trust.


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As Publisher

The Bromley Trust appears in the 360Giving data as a publisher of grants, identified with the 360Giving Publisher prefix 360G-BromleyTrust.

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The Bromley Trust has provided the following link for information about their data:



Here is an overview of grants published by The Bromley Trust.

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